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SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)

SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)
SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)
SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)
SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)

Description: Clutch springs do a couple of things. First, they supply the pressure to engage the clutch. They also determine the rate at which the CVT transmission changes from low to high gear along assisting the compression spring. A 1000rpm clutch spring will go into a higher gear than a 1500rpm clutch spring. Color coated identifies the strength of the clutch spring, for example, a clutch spring color coated yellow is identified as 1500 RPM which will delay the clutch reaction by 1500 RPM. The greater RPM spring will provide you with greater power. SSP-G counter pressure spring 1500 RPM uses a modified alloy spring providing better resilience and above-average strength for the GY6 125/150cc+ base engine.

Get better acceleration on your GY6 by upgrading your clutch springs!

Installation: 1. Slack the belt by opening the CVT clutch gives belt slack to the variator side. 2. Then install the variator drive face while lifting the slack belt further away from the center boss if done properly should not see any splines between variator drive face slop-side and boss flat-side. Should be flushed together. 3. Then install the existing variator fan, washer, and hand-tight nut. 4. Finally, apply blue Loctitetorque nut to 30-35ft lbs. For reassurance please consult your manufacturer variator torque specs.


•    3x Clutch Springs (yellow): 1500 RPM
•    Hook-to-Hook Length: 29.75mm
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (8x14mm)
•    Fit Belt Size: 743835842 (Fit GY6 ONLY)
•    Fit Belt Size: 816836x22x30 (Fit PCX ONLY)
•    Fit 54mm Stud Spacing (A-Block)
•    Fit 57mm Stud Spacing (B-Block)

•    Fit GY6 125/150cc+
•    Fit PCX 125/150cc+

Supported Models: BAN JING CVT KIT (Part# 169-500); GY6 152QMI 157QMJ 161QMK 161QML Chinese Scooter, ATV, Genuine Buddy, Honda PCX, Kymco, Polaris RZR 170, Ruckus, Vento

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•   0.03 Pounds | 5.4" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (H)

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SSP-G Clutch Springs 1500 RPM Yellow (GY6, PCX)
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